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The boys club of sports broadcasting

How female reporters are breaking the gender barriers in sports media

Gender disparities within collegiate sports: repeating and breaking history

It’s a desolate room full of grey folding chairs with one bathroom stall all for about 25 female college athletes. On top of the stall sits a jerry rigged monstrosity of shelving that serves as

The new era of college sports: USC athletes reveal a closer look at NIL

July 1st, 2021, became a pivotal moment in college sports history. On that day alone, many college athletes around the world suddenly became flooded with direct messages across social media platforms from companies like clothing boutiques

NCAA’s task force proposal to remove standardized testing

In 1986, Proposition 48 became a means to link athletic eligibility with academic performance. The proposition regulates the discussion today that surrounds NCAA standardized testing—

NCAA’s second gender equity report shows great gender disparity

The second NCAA gender report showed that the NCAA spends more on men’s sports than women’s sports. As clear and persistent an issue as it is, there still has not been sufficient change

Lip service within the NFL

This capstone piece addresses the history of racism and hypocrisy within America's No. 1 sport through the lens of former Black NFL players.