Trevin Esquerra has had a transformative and significant baseball career at LMU which has been due in part to the consistent support of his team and trusting his talent.

The college baseball season was unfortunately cut short due to the Coronavirus, after the NCAA announced the cancelation of spring sports. Esquerra and the team were headed to BYU for their game when they found out the MLB season was getting suspended. With that news, the team assumed college baseball would be affected as well. Shortly after, the NCAA released a statement cancelling all remainder winter and spring sports. “It didn’t really hit until we got back home, when we had to turn in our jerseys and say bye to the team. It got pretty hard.” Esquerra admitted.   

Despite the early end to his college baseball career, Esquerra had a successful 2019-2020 season. Esquerra attributes so much success to “staying to the process and trusting myself…I work really hard.” he states. His commitment to the game can be seen through his achievements on the field, as he was named to the 2020 Preseason All American team, tied the NCAA record for at-bats, and led the team in numerous offensive categories. Among all his skills, Esquerra is also ambidextrous. Ambidexterity allows him to throw both ways or switch hit whenever needed, adding another layer to Esquerra’s versatile game.

Although Esquerra has a strong work ethic, he admits to struggling in the beginning of his freshman and sophomore year. Having a strong team bond helped Esquerra adjust to the difficult  transition from high school to Division 1 collegiate baseball.. Esquerra expresses, “Teammates are always there for you and I realized that early on. That was the biggest thing that helped me…we’re a close group…we like to have fun and love each other.” Equerra emphasizes how supportive his teammates were in the process of getting to know himself as a player and as an individual on the campus.

Looking into what the future holds, Esquerra has the option of  playing his extra year of eligibility the NCAA has granted spring sports athletes. Regardless of his decision, Esquerra stays headstrong and continues to set goals for himself as he ends saying, “If I get the chance to go play professionally, I’m definitely going to go do that.”