Raychel Stanley Senior Spotlight

As a senior and defensive leader of the LMU Women’s basketball team, Raychel Stanley reflects back on her four year career and what she has gained from the sport. Although the season ended abruptly because of the COVID-19 pandemic precautions, it was not as disappointing for her since the regular season and WCC tournament were in the books. Stanley, however, expresses that the ending of the overall sport was disheartening. When she thinks about the seniors who are in the tournament who don’t get to play, she states, “my heart goes out to them.”

Stanley had an impactful four years on the court. This 2019-2020 season she averaged 4.5 rebounds per game and shot 50% from the field. She had a season high of 19 points against Long Beach State. As a team, women’s basketball finished the season 7-25. Looking back on the season, Stanley states, “I’ll miss my teammates the most..seeing them and hanging out with them everyday.” Stanley’s teammates have helped her change over the course of her LMU experience, for they allowed her to learn to “plan with a team and be able to put it all together efficiently.”

After dedicating herself to the sport for 15 years, Stanley reveals she does not know if she will continue playing. “I am ready for something else in my life,” she says. Although she does not know specifically what that newfound path may be, she is utilizing this time to plan for her future. Regardless of the outcome, Stanley has gained necessary tools from not only LMU basketball, but the university as a whole. As a natural individualist and perfectionist, Stanley was pushed and challenged to create strong relationships, “putting [her] ahead of the game” in regards to networking.  Although her basketball career has ended, Stanley has gained lessons on and off the court, as she learned to deal with hardships and push through it, enabling her to “stand on [her] own two feet,” making her more mature, as she steps into the next chapter of her life.