Nick Dauchot Senior Spotlight

With a successful four years on LMU’s Men’s Soccer, Nick Dauchot walks away from the sport well rounded as both a student and an athlete.

Men’s soccer had their most successful season since 2013, as they ended 11-6-3 and 6-1-0 in the WCC Tournament. As a fall sport, the team dedicates six months in the spring, training and creating strong chemistry that will reflect on the field. There were several aspects that contributed to the success of the 2019-2020 season. With a new strength and conditioning team along with new coaches, it brought a new energy to the environment. “We also had new recruits that came in during the fall that had a huge impact,” Dauchot said. “We had a culture of hard work and they adapted really quickly to it.” With a secure foundation, the team was able to accomplish many goals including making it to the NCAA Tournament— Dauchot’s most fond season memory.

“I’ve seen the videos before of NCAA teams where they’re all in a room and the name gets announced and you go wild, but I never experienced it before and I had goosebumps,” Dauchot said. “It was one of our goals to make the tournament and for it to come to fruition was really special.”

Dauchot has consistently contributed to the team as a defensive leader, starting in all 14 games he participated in and had three shots with one on goal, two assists, and two points. Dauchot carries a unique mindset to the field. “I always assume the worst, but prepare for the best,” Dauchot said. To play his role effectively, Dauchot puts his teammates in the best possible situations to succeed, whether that be by finding the ball or just being vocal on the field.

Not only is Dauchot active as an athlete, he also is a dominant student in the classrooms as well, being named to the 2019 WCC All-Academic Team. Although it may be difficult to keep up with the work of being a student-athlete, Dauchot stresses the importance of being proactive with classwork, communicating with professors, and being your own advocate. With so much on his plate, Dauchot adapted well to time management and creating a solid work ethic. “I just love the grind. Being a student athlete is a grind and if you don’t fall in love with it, it’s really tough,” Dauchot said.

Reflecting back on his four years, Dauchot explains he came into LMU as a confident individual, but reveals he did not know his place on the team or within the university. As he began taking responsibility, he developed into his role as a defensive player and dedicated student, in ways like taking advantage of academic resources and building relationships with athletes.  

As the school year comes to an end, Dauchot looks forward to completing his MBA in December 2021 with a finance specification. Most recently, he graduated with a finance degree in December 2019. He is currently exploring job opportunities in Los Angeles, because of his love for the city and the relationship he has built with many friends. With one more season left of his soccer career, Dauchot admits he does not have plans to continue after graduation.“As a kid, I didn’t want to be a pro soccer player. I was wanting to get a degree. I wanted soccer to help me get there and it really did,”  Dauchot said. “I feel like I accomplished the goals that I set out for myself… I feel ready to put the cleats down when it’s time.” Walking out of LMU with both a degree and collegiate soccer experience, Dauchot has had the opportunity to flourish as a progressive player and individual.