Off The Courts & Fields

What about Black student athletes lives beyond sports?


Black college athletes often choose PWIs because they believe these universities are a path to a career in professional sports…



…but fewer than 2% of student athletes go on to  play in the NBA or NFL.


Compared to HBCUs, PWI’s may often prioritize student athletes’ athletic involvement  over academics, stunting Black student athlete’s room for personal development,  educational exploration, and post graduation success. 

Source: USC

At PWIs, most Black student athletes are brought to the university solely because of  their athletic ability. Because of this, a majority of PWI basketball and football teams are Black, but compared to the general student body, Black males make up a small percentage. These staggering differentials negatively impact Black student athletes’ psychological experiences, as they are often perceived as anti-intellectual and disposable once their athletic eligibility ends. 

Source: USC Race & Equity Center

Source: USC Race & Equity Center

Source: USC Race & Equity Center