latinx at lmu: andrea gonzalez, softball

Andrea Gonzalez, of LMU Softball, takes Latino Heritage Month to reflect on her culture and how it has shaped her into a strong headed softball player and woman she is today.
When thinking about what this month means to her, Gonzalez expresses that “… the first place my mind went to was my family.” Taking time to think about her roots and heritage opened up a place of appreciation, as she was able to dedicate time to think about where she comes from and the person she is today as a result. Gonzalez reflects on the values that she has learned from her upbringing to implement now as a collegiate student-athlete. “I was very lucky to be born into a culture that values family, working hard, and having a strong mindset…All those values were shown to me by Latinos, so I’d have to say I’m proud to be a part of that,” Gonzales says. 
With her strong Latino pride, Gonzalez is not afraid to stay true to her roots by simply “being the person [she is]”. Not only does Gonzalez embrace her own culture, she also keeps an open mind to understand different perspectives and encourages others to do so as well. As the big foodie she is, Gonzalez says she “loves sharing food ideas with [her] teammates and finding new places to eat.” One of the biggest Latino traditions she can never say no to is food. Her favorite dish is a Guatemalan dish called Jocón de Pollo, which has chicken, rice, and a spicy green sauce!
Though being a minority may come with obstacles, Gonzalez approaches any struggle with a confident mindset. “Instead of overthinking the situation, I just have to lock into my tasks at hand and work hard to make sure where I want to get is where I want to be…when I stay focused and trust in myself, good things will come.” Gonzalez has proven success with such accomplishments like 2018’s All-WCC Second Team and five home runs her sophomore season. 
By embodying the hard work inherited from her Latino roots, Gonzalez knows good things will continue to come her way as she begins another year on LMU’s Division I softball team.