Latinx at lmu: Agustin moreno, women's tennis

Coach Agustin Moreno, of LMU’s women’s tennis team, strongly displays his Mexican roots as a leader to both the LMU and international community.
Growing up in Guadalajara, Moreno spent 14 years in Mexico before coming to the United States. Moreno recalls the great memories he had growing up in Guadalajara including the beautiful weather and traditions of mariachi. Moreno expresses love for not only Mexican culture, but that of other Latin countries like Peru, Ecuador, and Argentina. Moreno reminisces on prideful celebrations, like the president exclaiming “Viva Mexico!” each year the eve before September 16, Mexican Independence Day. “The most important day in Mexico,” Moreno says. 
Because his parents have lived in Mexico all their life, Moreno reflects on the impact his parents have had on his tennis career. “My father was a soccer player. He played for the biggest team in Mexico, professionally. That was the biggest inspiration for me being in sports,” says Moreno. Witnessing his father’s success led Moreno to personal accomplishments as an athlete himself. Along with attending Pepperdine University, Moreno was ranked No. 1 in the world as a junior and was the doubles champion at the Junior Wimbledon in 1985.  
As Moreno was heavily involved in tennis growing up, he shares that he always felt a sense of belonging while being Mexican in the United States. “I didn’t feel like a minority because tennis is a worldwide sport…I came with a lot of Mexican tennis players in a tennis academy and there were people from all over the world,” Moreno explains. While surrounded by many different cultures and backgrounds, Moreno’s worldview broadened, even now as he coaches many international players at LMU. The same discipline Moreno had himself as a player, he now strives to instill upon student-athletes he coaches. Moreno says, “You have to have a lot of resilience; it’s so important. You lose so much in tennis…you have to come back the next day, come back stronger and work harder.”
Though Moreno coaches at LMU, he also proudly represents his country, with much experience coaching in Mexico. Moreno served as head coach of the Mexican Women’s Federation Cup Team, mentored Mexico’s Women’s Continental Cup Team, and was an assistant with the Mexican Davis Cup. “I can coach tennis more than anything and that’s what I can give…Anything that I can do to help my country, I will do it.” Moreno says. With his accomplished background in tennis, Moreno believes the best thing he can do is contribute back to his country and honor his roots. By continuously coaching and mentoring young Latinx tennis players, Moreno serves as an inspiration to many within his community.