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I pitched this role to the LMU athletics department my freshman year, becoming their first official digital media host and sideline reporter. With the department completely on board, I created my own digital show, “The Pride”. The show is bi-weekly, interviewing athletes and highlighting LMU athletics news. Due to COVID-19, Season 2 was unable to be done on campus, but I adjusted to making a more digital version. In Season 1, I did the scripting, research, and interviewing. In Season 2, I did everything both in front of and behind the camera, from self-recording, editing, and producing graphics.

"The Pride" Season 1

"The Pride" Season

I reached out to the summer of 2020, to pitch this role to the sports media start up as their digital host, creating content for social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

I laid out specific ideas to further drive the success of their company and two months later, I saw my exact ideas come to fruition.  I produce videos for their platforms surrounding all things basketball. The segments enhance their belief and slogan that  “there is always a fan.” My videos range from player comparisons & analysis, sports news, and more. Because primarily posted content with sports news shown through video and pictures with text, I wanted to offer a fresh approach, having my on camera talent in conjunction with their content. My presence allows not only more connection and engagement to the audience, but offers a personalized appeal. My narration gave a digestible approach with just as necessary information. I provided details that can be useful for the consumer to gain full synopsis of information while not being overwhelming.