Senior Spotlight: Savannah Slattery

Savannah Slattery of Loyola Marymount University's indoor and beach volleyball team, talks of the growth she has undergone over her four year career, despite several life barriers she has come across.

Senior Spotlight: Camila Tumosa

Senior Spotlight:
Camila Tumosa

Camila Tumosa, of the LMU Women’s tennis team has faced harsh realities dealing with the end to her senior season, but the game has expanded her horizons in ways that she will cherish forever.

Senior Spotlight:
Ryan Brown

Although Ryan Brown’s senior tennis season was cut short due to the Coronavirus pandemic, he is able to reflect back on moments from his career that have pushed him to be the hardworking, positive individual he is on and off the tennis court.

Senior Spotlight:
Raychel Stanley

As a senior and defensive leader of the LMU Women’s basketball team, Raychel Stanley reflects back on her four year career and what she has gained from the sport.

Senior Spotlight:
Nick Dauchot

With a successful four years on LMU’s Men’s Soccer, Nick Dauchot walks away from the sport well rounded as both a student and an athlete.

Senior Spotlight:
Trevin Esquerra

Trevin Esquerra has had a transformative and significant baseball career at LMU which has been due in part to the consistent support of his team and trusting his talent.

Senior Spotlight:
Darby Dunn

After coming into LMU as a graduate student, Darby Dunn stepped into her role on the beach volleyball team, consistently contributing to the team's success and learning from her coaches.

LatinX at LMU: Carolina Newton, Women's Water Polo

Carolina Newton, member of the women's water polo team, embraces her Hispanic roots and proudly displays the hard-working ethics she has learned from her culture.

LatinX at LMU: Agustin Moreno, Women's Tennis

Coach Agustin Moreno, of LMU women's tennis team, strongly displays his Mexican roots as a leader to both the LMU and international community.

LatinX at LMU: Alejandro Moreno, Men's Tennis

Alejandro Moreno, assistant coach of LMU's men's tennis team proudly celebrates his Latino heritage as he strives to implement many personal values onto his student-athletes and the greater LatinX community.

LatinX at LMU: Andrea Gonzalez, Softball

Andrea Gonzalez, of LMU softball, takes Latino Heritage Month to reflect on her culture and how it has shaped her into a strong headed softball player and woman she is today.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Laura Vaida, LMU Women's Basketball

Laura Vaida, a sophomore on LMU’s women's basketball team, takes Breast Cancer Awareness Month to highlight her grandmother, a breast cancer survivor.

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Continuation of LMU Basketball During

Though it may be unconventional for basketball to be played six feet apart, with players in masks, and stations of hand sanitizer surrounding the court...

Black History Month:
Tiras Pie - Men's Cross Country/Track & Field

Tiras Pie, a freshman on LMU’s Cross Country and Track & Field team, utilizes Black History Month to amplify the Black experience.

Black History Month: Duhaney Williams - Men's Soccer

Williams utilizes Black History Month to reflect on his home country's resilience and power, as Jamaica gained independence in 1962.

Black History Month: Khari Clark - Women's Basketball

Khari Clark, a sophomore on LMU’s women’s basketball team, proudly promotes racial equality to display strength for not only herself but as a representation of the entire Black community.

Black History Month: Cole Roberts - Baseball

A member of LMU’s baseball team, Cole Roberts, proudly represents the Black community through his sport and beyond.

Black History Month : Siarfo Abekah - Women's Soccer

Beyond Black History Month, Siarfo Abekah, from LMU’s women’s soccer team, is passionate about cultivating a better society for Black Americans, as she strives to be a role model through both her sport and career aspirations.

Women's History Month: Gina Browne - Women's Cross Country / Track & Field

LMU’s first cross-country conference champion, Gina Browne, translated that competitive work ethic into her current profession as an attorney at Feldman Browne, where she proudly advocates for women's rights and leadership.

Women's History Month: Ella Krauss - Women's Water Polo

Ella Krauss, a sophomore on women’s water polo, proves women are capable of attaining many achievements, as she is a student-athlete passionate about both her sport and future.

Women's History Month: Eva Marie Voracek - Women's Tennis

Eva Marie Voracek, a senior on the LMU women’s tennis team, believes Women’s History Month represents society’s advancement in granting women, like herself, equal opportunities to flourish

Women's History Month: Meghan Mandel - Women's Basketball

Meghan Mandel of the LMU women’s basketball team utilizes her platform to uplift other female athletes and exemplify the strength that all women embody.

Women's History Month: Anna Barry - Women's Rowing

Anna Barry, a senior on the LMU women’s rowing team, utilizes Women’s History Month to reflect on women’s progress and how that has shaped her outlook with her experiences in and out of sports.


A Greener Game

SoFi Stadium has been long anticipated by football lovers but Los Angeles natives as a whole. Though the new stadium attracts awe and excitement, the state-of-the-art structure also produces something not as visible to the public eye — environmental consequences.

Book Review: Sports Journalism A History of Glory, Fame, and Technology

In “Sports Journalism: A History of Glory, Fame, and Technology,” Washburn explores the way sports journalists have revealed insights about social conditions. Among many insights, racism and sexism are two aspects that have shaped sports journalism.